We, at KayJam Company, recognize the importance of managing personal information (information which can identify an individual such as name, home address, etc). We properly collect, use, protect, and manage personal information as stated below.

We ask our users to provide personal information when exhibiting artwork on the website, and for management of the website.
We may also ask for personal information for purposes stated below.
1) To report results of surveys and/or provide feedback on events.
2) To provide information via direct mail, fax, email.
3) To improve KayJam Company’s service, and to develop new service.

Personal information collected will not be disclosed to or shared with any third parties except for the reasons stated below.
1) When there’s prior consent from the information provider(s).
2) To disclose as statistical data, that can’t identify an individual.
3) To contact financial institutions or credit card companies to verify the validity of bank accounts or credit cards used to receive our fee-based services.
4) To provide our service, certain personal information may be made available to our strategic partners.
5) When demanded by law.

Privacy Policy is subject to change without any prior notice.