Access and use of this website is subject to the following conditions:

About the website
The website is intended to provide a place to introduce artists and their artwork. It does not guarantee profit in any way We also do not act as an intermediary.

Contacting artists
If the contact information for the artist you wish to reach is mentioned on the website, please contact him/her directly. If not, we will do so upon request.

Exhibiting artwork on the website
Artwork is limited to original pieces by artists with copyright belonging to them. Please note that we may decline requests from artists to exhibit their artwork if we find it to be inappropriate for the website. KayJam Company has the right to make such a decision.
Also, please be sure to take care of all necessary processes regarding rights to exhibit artwork.

Translating of contents into other languages
Information on the website about artists and their artwork may be translated into other languages on KayJam Company’s discretion.
If the translated wording significantly differs from that of the original, it will be corrected immediately.

Deletion of exhibition pages
We may delete artwork at any time without artists consent for the following reasons. Reasons will not be disclosed.
・Anything against public order and morals.
・If a number of visitors find it unpleasant.
・Artwork is not  the artists’ original works.
・Anything which may cause disadvantage to this website, other companies, or third parties. If there’s a website link to our competitors’ websites.
・If there’s a violation of intellectual property rights such as copyright.
・If there’s anything against the website’s policy.

Copyright of artwork
Copyright of artwork on the website belongs to each artist. Approval from artists is required in order to use artwork outside of “personal use” or “quotation” defined in the copyright law.

Although, KayJam Company will pay close attention, as an administrator, to the contents of the website, KayJam Company will not be held responsible for any trouble which may be caused by the contents.

About links
You may freely make links to this site, but we may refuse to make a link with any websites which may not match KayJam’s objectives.
We will also not be held responsible for any contents or operations of external websites linked to this website.

Handling of data and contents
KayJam Company is not obliged to backup any data, such as pictures of artwork, and other contents. Artists are asked to do so themselves.

Terms of Use is subject to change without any prior notice.